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What is Workplaces?

An increasing amount of people are now working remote. Which is great! Less commute, less pollution, more flexibility.

However, it’s great to leave the house in the morning and go somewhere to work. This is where Workplaces comes in.

Workplaces is a map-based app that is dedicated to let you easily find your ideal workplace.

Find your ideal workplace based on


What is this?

Workplaces is an app that maps all the places you can work from. You can filter based on many different variables.

Why is this any better than other tools?

The benefit of Workplaces over other tools like for example custom lists in Google Maps is that we only focus on places for working. That means that you only see information relevant to you when you are looking for a place to work from (i.e. internet speed, coffee/desk/meeting room availability, prices). In the future, it should also be very easy to flexibly book coworking spaces and meeting rooms.

Who made this?

We are two guys from Amsterdam, who believe a work revolution is coming and new tools need to exist in order to make that transition as smooth as possible πŸ™‚Β 

How can I show my support?

Mapping all the different places to work from in different cities takes a lot of time, if you want to help us - please shoot us an email!

If you would like to aid us financially, you could donate here.